Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit

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 SKU: Legion Rimfire PK

- No Bolts! 

- No Chains!

- Ultimate Portability! 


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Portable, modular, collapsible, adaptable. These are a few of the words used to describe the Legion Ultimate Rimfire Target. No matter what rimfire shooting discipline you are engaged in this target has you covered; from backyard plinking to precision rimfire competition.

The target allows a shooter to hang steel plates, clay pigeons and paper targets. No tools are required for assembly since the entire systems is held together using friction and gravity.

Created from 1/4” A36 steel, this unit is designed to be used with 22lr ammunition and is not suitable for use with center fire cartridges.

Approximate Weight: 15 lbs

Ships with:
- 6” Gong
- 4” Gong
- 3” Gong
- 2” Gong
- Clay Pigeon/Paper Target Holder
- Stand
- 10 Paper Targets