Legion Targets SASP Small Kit

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Small Kit: Set up (2) stages at a time
Perfect for smaller ranges with fewer bays or teams trying to make their money go a little bit further. You can set up
  • Speed Trap and (Focus or In and Out). 


  • Go Fast and (Focus or In and Out).


You CANNOT set up Go Fast and Speed Trap together, or Focus and In and Out together.

Kit Includes:
     (10) bases 1/4" AR500 Steel - Ultra-stable and extremely durable. Folds up for easy storage, no tools required.
     (10) Scorpion top brackets
     (4) 18"x24" Rectangle AR500 3/8" Plates
     (7) 12" Circle AR500 3/8" Plates
     (2) 10" Circle AR500 3/8" Plates
Here's why we have the best kits for SASP teams:

#1 Anything you can shoot is AR500. Expect the most durable set up that you could buy. We're not using angle iron, tube steel or skinny flat mild steel like all the others.

#2 Integrated handle on the target bracket. You can thank Rick and Kelvin for this one. At the end of practice when the target is saturated with wet paint, you'll be glad to have a nice dry place to lift the target from.

#3 No tools needed. We designed everything to be tool free. That's one less thing to lose on the range, and a ton of time saved at set up and take down.

#4 Everything packs and stores flat. The AR500 base folds up like ballistic Oragami, and while we aren't Japanese, we are just as reliable.

Target Features:
  • 3/8"thick AR500 steel.
  • This target is designed to ring exceptionally loud with all approved calibers.
  • Forward leaning plate promotes a safer range by deflecting projectiles down and away from the firing line.
  • No exposed brackets or hooks reduce the chance for ricochets and targets "shooting back".
  • No bolts means no hardware and no tools needed on the range.
  • Convenient hidden handle keeps hands clean of paint when taking down at the end of practice.
  • Approved for use with Rimfire 22 LR. up to .45 ACP pistol calibers in rifle, handgun or carbine formats.

Designed for use in competition and adheres to rules and regulations of the Scholastic Action Shooting Program as well as other internationally recognized rimfire and pistol caliber competitions.

Use of this product with centerfire rifle calibers is NOT recommended and may cause damage to the product. Shooting damaged steel is dangerous and not recommended.


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