Legion Hostage Kit

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Introducing the Legion Hostage Complete Kit - the epitome of versatility and innovation in AR500 steel target systems. This product is a game-changer, designed to provide you with a dynamic and engaging shooting experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether you're a professional shooter or a novice looking to enhance your skills, the Legion Hostage Complete Kit is the ideal choice for honing your marksmanship abilities.

  • SKU: Legion HOST-KIT
  • This product is rated for Pistol and Most Rifle rounds. 
  • Recommended Ranges:
    • Pistol Ranges- 15 Yards and Beyond
    • Center Fired Rifles - 100 Yards and Beyond
  • It is suggested not to use high powered rifles on these targets (ie; 300 WIN MAG, 338 LUPUA, and NO 50 BMG)
  • No Bolts!
  • 100% AR500 
  • No Chains!
  • Ultimate Portability! 
    • Using only the shape of the steel plate we have been able to create a revolutionary mounting system for AR500 steel targets.
    • First, we craft the bracket from AR500 steel and set it and angles that will not allow it to be destroyed by bullet impacts.
    • Next, we eliminated all welds, bolts, screws and other retaining hardware. The bracket is adjustable and allows the shooter to set the bracket at any height on the 2x4.
    • To install the bracket simply slide the tabbed slot over a common 2x4. Then press the front of the bracket down until it binds to the wood.
    • Configure the Legion C Zone Silhouette and two 6” Legion gongs to make the hostage taker target.
  • Approximate Weight: 56 lbs (Base: 15 lbs, Bracket 3 lbs, C Zone Plate 27 lbs, Hostage Paddles: 12 lbs)
  • The Legion Hostage Complete Kit includes:
    - 1x Legion Target Base
    - 1x Legion 2x4 Hostage Bracket
    - 1x Legion C Zone Silhouette
    - 2x 6” Legion Gongs
  • Patented

Versatility for Pistol and Rifle Rounds

The Legion Hostage Complete Kit is designed to accommodate both pistol and most rifle rounds, offering you a wide range of shooting possibilities. Whether you're practicing with your favorite sidearm or refining your precision with center-fired rifles, this target system is ready to perform.

For pistol enthusiasts, you can confidently engage your target from as close as 15 yards and beyond. If you prefer the challenge of center-fired rifles, rest assured that the Legion Hostage Complete Kit maintains its responsiveness and reliability even at distances of 100 yards and beyond. However, please be mindful that, for safety reasons, it is suggested not to use high-powered rifles such as the 300 WIN MAG, 338 LUPUA, or the powerful 50 BMG with this target system.

Innovative Mounting System

The Legion Hostage Complete Kit introduces a revolutionary mounting system for AR500 steel targets, setting it apart from traditional target solutions. We've embraced the inherent strength of the steel plate's shape to craft a bracket made from 100% AR500 steel. This bracket is not only durable but also strategically angled to resist damage from bullet impacts, ensuring the longevity of your target system.

What truly distinguishes this target system is the elimination of all welds, bolts, screws, and other retaining hardware. The adjustable bracket allows shooters to set it at any desired height on a common 2x4. Installing the bracket is a breeze - simply slide the tabbed slot over the 2x4 and press the front of the bracket down until it securely binds to the wood. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with bolts and chains; the Legion Hostage Complete Kit simplifies the setup process, allowing you to focus on your shooting skills.

Hostage Taker Target Configuration

Enhance your training and shooting experience with the Legion Hostage Complete Kit. This versatile kit includes a Legion C Zone Silhouette and two 6” Legion Gongs, allowing you to create a challenging hostage taker target. This configuration adds an exciting layer of complexity to your shooting practice, improving your accuracy and target engagement skills.

Sturdy Construction

Quality and durability are at the forefront of the Legion Hostage Complete Kit's design. We take pride in using 100% AR500 steel throughout the system, ensuring that every component can withstand the rigors of your shooting sessions. Unlike some alternatives that use mild steel and angle iron, we've engineered this target system to be heavy-duty from the ground up. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we don't compromise on materials or construction.

The Legion base, constructed from AR500 steel armor plate, is specifically designed to withstand any shot placement. Moreover, the base is collapsible, providing you with quick and convenient storage and setup. No more wrestling with bolts and screws or searching for the right tools; simply flip out the stand and insert the tree, and you're good to go.

Durability at its Core

The center post, an integral component of the target system, is built from robust 3/8" AR500 steel. This thickness ensures that it can endure impacts from various rounds, including .380, 9mm, .45, .223, .308, and more. Whether you're using your favorite handgun or rifle, the center post stands firm in the face of repeated hits.

The paddles, measuring 5" x 3/8", are also constructed from AR500 steel, capable of handling the impact of your preferred firearm without showing signs of wear. The Legion Hostage Complete Kit is designed for longevity, allowing you to enjoy countless hours of shooting without worrying about paddle replacement.

Innovative Cantilever Pivot Mechanism

To enhance your shooting experience and safety, we've integrated a revolutionary cantilever pivot mechanism into the Legion Hostage Complete Kit. This mechanism, combined with an engineered aggressive deflection angle, directs bullet splatter downward into the ground. This reduces the risk of dangerous ricochets and ensures that the paddles move smoothly from side to side without getting stuck in the middle. Safety is paramount, and this innovative design reflects our unwavering commitment to it.

Complete Package

When you invest in the Legion Hostage Complete Kit, you're not just purchasing a target system; you're securing an entire shooting experience. The kit includes a Legion Target Base, a Legion 2x4 Hostage Bracket, a Legion C Zone Silhouette, and two 6” Legion Gongs. Everything you need to set up and start shooting is included, making it a hassle-free addition to your shooting gear.

Optional Accessories

For those who favor rimfire shooting, we offer optional rimfire paddles that can be purchased separately. These paddles are designed to complement your rimfire shooting sessions, ensuring that you have the right equipment for the job.

For shooters looking to take their training to the next level, the optional C-Zone plate is available a la carte. This plate converts your dueling tree into a hostage training target, adding an extra layer of challenge and realism to your shooting practice.

Approximate Weight and Dimensions

The Legion Hostage Complete Kit is designed with ease of transport and setup in mind. With an approximate weight of 56 lbs, it strikes the perfect balance between sturdiness and portability. Here's the breakdown of the weight: the base weighs 15 lbs, the bracket 3 lbs, the C Zone Plate 27 lbs, and the Hostage Paddles 12 lbs. This well-thought-out design ensures that you can effortlessly transport your target system to your preferred shooting location without requiring heavy equipment or assistance.

Paddle Diameter and AR500 Thickness

The paddles included in the Legion Hostage Complete Kit measure 5" in diameter and are constructed from 3/8" thick AR500 steel. This robust thickness ensures that the paddles can withstand the impact of both handguns and rifles, delivering a consistent and satisfying shooting experience.

The center post, as mentioned earlier, is also constructed from 3/8" AR500 steel, guaranteeing its resilience to repeated impacts.

The base of the dueling tree, designed for stability and durability, is made from 1/4" AR500 steel.

The Legion Hostage Complete Kit is more than just a target system; it's an investment in your shooting skills and enjoyment. With its versatility, durability, innovative design, and optional accessories, it caters to shooters of all experience levels. Whether you're a competitive shooter seeking to improve your skills or a recreational shooter looking for a reliable and engaging target system, the Legion Hostage Complete Kit exceeds expectations. Don't settle for less when it comes to your shooting gear. Elevate your shooting experience today with the Legion Hostage Complete Kit.