Legion 2x4 Tripod Stand

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NO BOLTS! NO CHAINS! NO TOOLS! The entire steel target hanging system is held together using friction and gravity. This means no more broken chains or bolts and no more unpredictable ricochets from retaining hardware impact and the entire steel target system can be set up and taken down in less than 60 seconds.

100% AR500 steel! Made from the highest quality AR500 steel used in the top bracket. This exceptional material allows the AR500 steel plate to be bent without compromising its structural integrity or bullet resistant properties and ensures that every inch of your target can stand up to impacts from both pistols and rifles.

All terrain capable! This stand allows for each 2×4 leg to be independently adjusted to a different height before being locked into place and thus allows this steel target stand to deploy on uneven ground and hillsides. You may also adjust the height of the 2×4s being used to elevate the target plate to any height you wish. If you are shooting long range and need to get the target up out of the bushes and in view simply use long 2×4s. The beauty about this design is that the longer the 2×4 the more stable the target becomes so you will have no problem with larger plates and high caliber rifles.


Target plates sold separately.