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Sold by 25's. 

Qty. 1 = 25 targets.

Qty. 2-3 = 50-75 targets

Qty. 4-19 = 100-475 targets

Qty. 20-39 = 500-975 targets

Qty. 40 = 1,000+ targets

6 Circle Military Training Target - 6" Circles with 1" squares.

Master the Art of Marksmanship with the 6 Circle Military Training Target

In the realm of firearms training and marksmanship, precision and accuracy are the bedrock of success. The 6 Circle Military Training Target, featuring six 6-inch circles, each with 1-inch squares, is designed to hone your shooting skills to perfection. Crafted with the needs of military and law enforcement personnel, as well as shooting enthusiasts, in mind, this target offers a range of benefits that cater to a wide spectrum of users.

Anatomy of Excellence: The Components of the 6 Circle Military Training Target

To appreciate the value of the 6 Circle Military Training Target, it's important to understand its components and what makes it a superior choice for shooters at all levels. The target is composed of the following elements:

1. 6-Inch Circles: Precision at Its Core

The primary feature of this training target is the six 6-inch circles. These circles are strategically sized to challenge shooters of varying skill levels, offering a target that accommodates both novice and experienced marksmen. Whether you're just starting your marksmanship journey or are looking to maintain and enhance your skills, the 6-inch circles offer an ideal surface to focus on.

2. 1-Inch Squares: Refining Accuracy

Within each 6-inch circle, you'll find a grid of 1-inch squares. These squares serve as your guide to enhancing accuracy. Aiming for these squares allows you to fine-tune your precision, ensuring that each shot is as close to the bullseye as possible. The squares are clear and distinct, providing immediate feedback on your shot placement.

Who Benefits from the 6 Circle Military Training Target?

The versatility of the 6 Circle Military Training Target ensures that a wide range of users can benefit from its use. Here are some of the key groups that will find this target invaluable:

1. Military Personnel

For military personnel, marksmanship is a crucial skill. Whether you're a seasoned soldier or in training, the 6 Circle Military Training Target offers the opportunity to sharpen your shooting skills and maintain peak readiness. The combination of 6-inch circles and 1-inch squares allows for versatile practice, ensuring that you're prepared for any scenario.

2. Law Enforcement Professionals

Law enforcement officers face high-pressure situations that demand impeccable marksmanship. The 6 Circle Military Training Target is the ideal tool for police officers to train for accuracy and precision. Its grid system aids in refining shot placement, while the 6-inch circles provide a challenging target that simulates real-world shooting conditions.

3. Shooting Enthusiasts

Even if you're not in the military or law enforcement, you can still benefit from the 6 Circle Military Training Target. As a shooting enthusiast, you're constantly looking to improve your skills and challenge yourself. This target provides the perfect platform for enhancing accuracy, whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunter, or someone who enjoys recreational shooting.

4. Firearm Instructors

Firearm instructors play a critical role in helping individuals develop their shooting skills. The 6 Circle Military Training Target is a valuable teaching tool, allowing instructors to assess their students' performance and offer targeted guidance for improvement. The clear grid system simplifies scoring and evaluation, making it easier for instructors to provide feedback.

Enhancing Training Scenarios with the 6 Circle Military Training Target

The benefits of the 6 Circle Military Training Target extend beyond static shooting practice. This target can be used to create dynamic training scenarios that challenge marksmen in various ways. Here are some training scenarios that can be enhanced with the use of this target:

1. Rapid Fire Drills

For law enforcement and military personnel, rapid fire drills are essential. The 6-inch circles on this target provide an excellent focal point for rapid and controlled shots. You can time your shots and assess your accuracy under pressure.

2. Multiple Target Engagement

In scenarios where you're required to engage multiple targets, the 6 Circle Military Training Target is an excellent choice. The six circles allow you to practice transitioning between targets and maintaining accuracy.

3. Movement and Cover Drills

When training for scenarios involving movement and cover, you can position these targets strategically to simulate real-world situations. The grid system helps you evaluate your shot placement, even when shooting from unconventional positions.

4. Precision Shooting Challenges

For marksmen looking to push the boundaries of their skills, the 1-inch squares within the 6-inch circles offer a challenging target. Aiming for these squares requires meticulous precision, making the target an excellent choice for precision shooting challenges.

Scoring and Feedback: The Key to Improvement

The clear and well-defined grid system on the 6 Circle Military Training Target simplifies the scoring process. Whether you're practicing on your own or working with an instructor, you can quickly evaluate your performance based on your shot placement within the squares. This immediate feedback allows you to make real-time adjustments to your technique, leading to continuous improvement in your marksmanship.

Affordable Excellence

While the 6 Circle Military Training Target offers a range of advantages and training scenarios, it remains accessible and budget-friendly. You don't have to break the bank to access a target that enhances your shooting skills. With affordability comes the ability to practice more consistently and rigorously, ensuring that you're continually improving your marksmanship.

Elevate Your Marksmanship with the 6 Circle Military Training Target

The 6 Circle Military Training Target is not just a piece of paper; it's a tool that elevates your shooting skills. Whether you're in the military, law enforcement, or simply a shooting enthusiast, this target offers an opportunity to refine your accuracy, precision, and shot placement. The combination of 6-inch circles and 1-inch squares makes it a versatile tool for various training scenarios, allowing you to challenge yourself and improve your marksmanship. Invest in your marksmanship journey with the 6 Circle Military Training Target and experience the difference in your shooting skills.