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48 Rounds Torso Target is a purpose guided training target; perfect for every day at the range. The printed drill on the target is great for cold starts and helps you develop fundamental firearms skills that support reloading and target transitions. The high visibility colors help with target acquisitions. Feel free to use our guided training printed at the bottom of the target, or go your own way having a traditional torso and bullseye combo target.

The course of fire proposed on the bottom of the target takes 16 rounds, and is intended to be repeated three times by the shooter. (Thus the 48 Rounds).

48 rounds also provides convenience as common handgun ammo is sold in 50 round boxes. You'll have two rounds to spare for misfires, malfunctions or "premature extractulations". - You know you shouldn't have racked that slide that extra time-. 

The center silhouette is 28x16 inches and each of the four circles is 6 inches diameter with a 2 inch center ring. The reduced green torsos are 7 inches tall, and represent the larger silhouette as if it were at 20 yards. That means you no your target have to move to increase the challenge. 

The color choices and shape variety on this target make it great for long range outdoor shooting as well as indoor. Long range shooters will appreciate the lack of black print in the target area that can hide crosshairs. For indoor ranges and low light environments, the fluorescent colors pop in contrast to the range and backstops. They are even really fun under the black light if your range provides that experience. 

Sold by 25's. 

Qty. 1 = 25 targets.

Qty. 2-3 = 50-75 targets

Qty. 4-19 = 100-475 targets

Qty. 20-39 = 500-975 targets

Qty. 40 = 1,000+ targets

23" x 35" - 50# Offset White Paper