10” Legion Gong 3/8” AR500

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Introducing the Legion 10” Legion Gong 3/8” AR500, a cutting-edge steel target that redefines your shooting experience. This product, known by its SKU: Legion TL-10R, is more than just a target—it's a piece of innovation designed to elevate your skills, improve safety, and enhance your enjoyment at the range. With a potential lead time of 3 to 5 weeks on this product, we appreciate your patience as we prioritize the quality and craftsmanship of each Legion TL-10R.

SKU: Legion TL-10R

There could be a 3 to 5 week Lead time on this product.

This product is rated for Pistol and Most Rifle rounds.

Recommended Ranges:

Pistol Ranges- 15 Yards and Beyond

Center Fired Rifles - 100 Yards and Beyond

It is suggested not to use high powered rifles on these targets (ie; 300 WIN MAG, 338 LUPUA, and NO 50 BMG)


Versatility for Pistol and Most Rifle Rounds

The Legion TL-10R is engineered to accommodate both pistol and most rifle rounds, making it a versatile addition to your shooting gear. Whether you're honing your handgun accuracy or practicing with center-fired rifles, this target system is ready to perform.

For pistol enthusiasts, you can confidently engage your target from as close as 15 yards and beyond. If you prefer the challenge of center-fired rifles, rest assured that the Legion TL-10R maintains its responsiveness and reliability even at distances of 100 yards and beyond. However, for safety reasons, it is advisable not to use high-powered rifles such as the 300 WIN MAG, 338 LUPUA, or the formidable 50 BMG with this target.

Innovative No-Hardware Design

One of the standout features of the Legion TL-10R is its ingenious no-hardware design. This steel target plate seamlessly slides into the mounting bracket, held together solely by friction and gravity. Say goodbye to broken chains or bolts, and eliminate unpredictable ricochets caused by bolt or chain impacts. With no mounting hardware to dampen the vibration of the steel after impact, the Legion TL-10R delivers superior audible feedback, providing you with a more satisfying shooting experience.

Enhanced Audible Feedback

When you shoot at the Legion TL-10R, you'll notice a distinct difference in the sound it produces. Thanks to its no-hardware design, this steel target plate resonates with a clearer and louder ring, offering superior audible feedback. This immediate response to bullet impacts allows you to gauge your accuracy and make adjustments on the fly, enhancing your shooting precision.

Perfect for Rifles and Pistols

The Legion TL-10R is the ideal target for both rifles and pistols. It seamlessly fits into any Legion Target bracket, providing you with a versatile and adaptable shooting experience. Whether you're transitioning between firearms or honing your skills with a specific type of firearm, this target plate can handle it all.

Rotate Without Tools

We've designed Legion steel target plates with the shooter's convenience in mind. With the Legion TL-10R, you can easily rotate the target plate without the need for any tools. This feature allows you to distribute bullet impacts evenly on each side of the plate, extending the life of the target and optimizing your practice sessions. No more downtime spent fumbling with tools—simply rotate the plate, reload, and keep shooting.

Patented Innovation

The Legion TL-10R proudly bears a patented design, a testament to the innovation and uniqueness of this steel target system. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of shooting target technology has resulted in a product that stands out in the market. When you choose the Legion TL-10R, you're investing in a target system that embodies our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

The Legion TL-10R is not just a target; it's a revolution in shooting target technology. With its versatility, no-hardware design, enhanced audible feedback, and user-friendly rotation feature, it caters to shooters of all levels. Whether you're a competitive marksman seeking to enhance your skills or a recreational shooter looking for an engaging and hassle-free target system, the Legion TL-10R has you covered.

Don't settle for ordinary targets when you can elevate your shooting experience with the Legion TL-10R. Embrace the future of shooting targets and experience the thrill of shooting like never before. Make the Legion TL-10R a part of your shooting gear, and revolutionize the way you practice and train. Enhance your accuracy, improve safety, and enjoy every moment at the range with the Legion TL-10R by your side.