Legion Target Base 1/4” AR500

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There could be a 3 to 5 week Lead time on this product. 

We wanted our target stand to have 4 features:

1. AR500 armored steel

2. Portability

3. Affordability

4. Stability - this base won’t fall!

We have hit the bullseye with this target stand. It is constructed from 100% 1/4″ AR500. When deployed it is angled to the shooter in such a way to shed all errant bullet impacts without damaging the stand. Remember, anything that can be shot will be shot and mild steel stands that sleeve 2x4s are toast once they get shot in the sleeve.

The Legion steel target stand folds up to measure 24″ x 4″ x 6″, this allows it to be easily transported and stored. When deployed it measures 48″ from leg to leg giving you unmatched stability. It is also designed to nest with other stands to save space when stored. If you’re thinking about setting up a match or just like taking multiple targets to the range these stands will save time on deployment and space while being stored and transported.

Our steel target stand is compatible with the Legion Dueling Tree and standard 2x4s.