Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit

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 SKU: Legion Rimfire PK

- No Bolts! 

- No Chains!

- Ultimate Portability! 

SKU: RM-1000

Approximate Weight: 15 lbs

Ships with:
- 6” Gong
- 4” Gong
- 3” Gong
- 2” Gong
- Clay Pigeon/Paper Target Holder
- Stand
- 10 Paper Targets

The Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit is your gateway to the world of precision rimfire shooting. Featuring an ingenious design, this kit provides an array of practical and adaptable features that cater to shooters across various rimfire disciplines. This expanded product description dives into the key attributes of this remarkable kit, its compatibility with rimfire ammunition, and how it can elevate your shooting experience.

Innovative Target System:

The Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit is more than just a target; it's a comprehensive shooting system designed to enhance your marksmanship. Its versatile design allows you to engage in various rimfire shooting activities, from casual backyard plinking to precision rimfire competitions. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of shooters, regardless of their skill level or preferred rimfire discipline.

Tool-Free Assembly:

One of the standout features of this kit is its effortless assembly process. No tools are required to set up the Legion Ultimate Rimfire Target. The entire system is ingeniously held together using friction and gravity. This innovation simplifies your shooting experience, allowing you to spend more time practicing and less time on setup.

Durable Construction:

The Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit is crafted from 1/4" A36 steel, ensuring longevity and resilience against the impact of 22lr ammunition. The durable construction makes this target system a reliable and cost-effective choice for rimfire shooters, whether you're plinking with friends or perfecting your skills for precision competitions.

Tailored for Rimfire Ammunition:

It's important to note that the Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit is specifically designed for use with rimfire ammunition. This distinction is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of the target. The kit is not suitable for centerfire cartridges, and attempting to use centerfire ammunition with this target may compromise its durability.

Comprehensive Kit Components:

The kit includes a range of components that enhance your rimfire shooting experience:

  • 6” Gong: This gong plate offers a satisfying audible response when hit, providing instant feedback for shooters.

  • 4” Gong: A smaller gong plate that presents an additional challenge, perfect for improving accuracy and precision.

  • 3” Gong: Further refining your accuracy, this gong plate allows shooters to focus on small targets, honing their marksmanship skills.

  • 2” Gong: The smallest gong plate in the kit offers the ultimate precision challenge for shooters who are dedicated to enhancing their skills.

  • Clay Pigeon/Paper Target Holder: This component allows shooters to engage in diverse shooting scenarios by hanging clay pigeons and paper targets.

  • Stand: The stand offers stability and support for the entire target system, ensuring it remains securely in place during use.

  • 10 Paper Targets: The kit ships with ten paper targets, adding versatility and variety to your rimfire shooting sessions.

Ultimate Portability:

The Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit is designed with ultimate portability in mind. Its modular and collapsible features make it easy to transport to your chosen shooting location, ensuring convenience and efficiency during setup and takedown.

Patented Design:

The innovative design of the Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit is patented, reinforcing its uniqueness and effectiveness in the world of rimfire shooting.

The Legion Ultimate Rimfire Kit is a comprehensive and adaptable solution for rimfire shooters seeking a versatile target system that enhances their marksmanship. Its tool-free assembly, durable steel construction, and compatibility with rimfire ammunition make it an excellent investment for shooters engaged in various rimfire disciplines. Whether you're enjoying casual plinking or striving for precision in rimfire competitions, this kit provides the tools and challenges needed to excel in your chosen shooting discipline.