Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit

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Introducing the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit, a revolutionary and patented AR500 steel target system designed to enhance your shooting experience like never before. This product brings together cutting-edge technology, superior materials, and innovative design to provide a target solution that's not only durable but also incredibly user-friendly. Whether you're an experienced shooter or a novice just starting out, the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit offers a versatile and engaging way to hone your marksmanship skills.

  • This product is rated for Pistol and Most Rifle rounds. 
  • Recommended Ranges:
  • Pistol Ranges- 15 Yards and Beyond
  • Center Fired Rifles - 100 Yards and Beyond
  • It is suggested not to use high powered rifles on these targets (ie; 300 WIN MAG, 338 LUPUA, and NO 50 BMG)
  • No Bolts!
  • 100% AR500 
  • No Chains!
  • Ultimate Portability! 
  • Approximate Weight: 45 lbs (Base: 15 lbs, Bracket 3 lbs, C Zone Plate 27 lbs)
  • The Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit includes:
    - 1x Legion Target Base
    - 1x Legion 2x4 Single Bracket
    - 1x Legion C Zone Silhouette

High-Quality AR500 Steel

At the heart of the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit lies a commitment to quality and durability. Crafted from 100% AR500 steel, this target system is built to withstand the rigors of intense shooting sessions. The use of AR500 steel ensures that your target will remain in excellent condition even after countless rounds. No more worrying about target degradation or frequent replacements; the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit is built to last.

Innovative Mounting System

One of the standout features of this product is its innovative mounting system, which has been patented for its unique design and functionality. Unlike traditional targets that rely on cumbersome bolts, chains, and welds, the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit takes a minimalist approach to mounting.

The target bracket, also made from AR500 steel, has been meticulously crafted to withstand the force of bullet impacts without succumbing to damage. Its ingenious design allows for easy adjustment, letting you position the bracket at any height on a common 2x4. Installation is a breeze - simply slide the tabbed slot over the 2x4 and press the front of the bracket down until it securely binds to the wood. No bolts, no chains, and no welding required!

Versatile Shooting Experience

The Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit is designed to cater to a wide range of firearms enthusiasts, accommodating both pistol and most rifle rounds. Whether you're practicing with your trusty sidearm or honing your long-range rifle skills, this target system has got you covered.

For pistol ranges, you can confidently engage your target from as close as 15 yards and beyond. When it comes to center-fired rifles, you'll find that the target remains responsive and reliable even at distances of 100 yards and beyond. It's important to note that while this target can handle most rifle rounds, it's not recommended for use with high-powered rifles such as the 300 WIN MAG, 338 LUPUA, or the formidable 50 BMG. Keep your shooting experience safe and enjoyable by adhering to these guidelines.

Ultimate Portability

Another standout feature of the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit is its portability. Whether you're heading to your favorite outdoor shooting range or setting up a makeshift range on your property, this target system is incredibly easy to transport and set up. The lightweight design, with the base weighing in at 15 lbs, the bracket at 3 lbs, and the C Zone plate at 27 lbs, makes it a breeze to carry and assemble. Say goodbye to cumbersome target setups that eat into your valuable shooting time.


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The Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit is the ultimate choice for discerning shooters who demand nothing but the best in their steel target systems. With its use of high-quality AR500 steel, innovative mounting system, versatility, and portability, this product elevates your shooting experience to a whole new level. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a firearms enthusiast, or simply someone looking to improve their marksmanship skills, the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit offers the durability, convenience, and performance you need to reach your shooting goals. So why wait? Take your shooting to the next level with the Legion C Zone Silhouette Kit and experience the future of target shooting today!