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Introducing the B27 Black Silhouette Target with a Fluorescent Orange Center - your ticket to superior marksmanship and an enhanced shooting experience. Whether you're a professional law enforcement officer, a dedicated competitive shooter, or simply an enthusiast looking to elevate your skills, this target is designed to meet your exacting needs. In this comprehensive product description, we'll explore the features, benefits, and applications of the B27 Black Silhouette Target with Fluorescent Orange Center, providing you with a deep understanding of its value and versatility.


All paper targets mix and match so you can take advantage of bulk discounts with different targets. 

Sold by 25's. 

Qty. 1 = 25 targets.

Qty. 2-3 = 50-75 targets

Qty. 4-19 = 100-475 targets

Qty. 20-39 = 500-975 targets

Qty. 40 = 1,000+ targets


Standard Paper Target Specs:

Size: 23" x 35" 

Paper Weight: 50# offset white paper

Black and gray to bright orange center.

The B27 Black Silhouette Target: An Overview

The B27 Black Silhouette Target with a Fluorescent Orange Center is a staple in the world of shooting targets, recognized for its effectiveness and versatility. It boasts a classic silhouette design, allowing shooters to focus on precision and accuracy in a realistic setting. Whether you're practicing for self-defense scenarios, competitive shooting events, or law enforcement qualifications, this target delivers the reliability and authenticity you need.

Unparalleled Realism and Visibility

One of the standout features of the B27 Black Silhouette Target is its true-to-life silhouette design. Crafted to mimic the appearance of a human torso, it provides a realistic and practical training tool for both civilian and law enforcement shooters. This level of realism is invaluable when practicing for self-defense situations, as it allows you to refine your shooting skills under conditions that closely resemble real-life encounters.

The Fluorescent Orange Center adds a dynamic element to your training sessions. This vibrant coloration draws your eye to the target's vital zones, enhancing visibility and facilitating precise shot placement. Whether you're honing your marksmanship or practicing tactical shooting drills, the fluorescent orange center ensures you can assess your accuracy at a glance.

Durability and Longevity

Constructed from high-quality, heavyweight paper, the B27 Black Silhouette Target is built to withstand the rigors of repeated use. It can handle a wide range of ammunition calibers, ensuring that your target remains intact and functional throughout your training sessions. Its robust construction ensures that your investment in these targets pays dividends in the long run, providing you with countless hours of productive and enjoyable shooting.

Applications and Versatility

The B27 Black Silhouette Target with Fluorescent Orange Center has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various shooting disciplines:

Law Enforcement Training: This target is a preferred choice for law enforcement agencies worldwide. It facilitates realistic scenarios, ensuring that officers are well-prepared for real-life situations. The fluorescent orange center helps officers focus on vital zones, enhancing their marksmanship skills.

Self-Defense Practice: For individuals interested in self-defense, this target provides a platform for practicing defensive shooting techniques. The silhouette design simulates a potential threat, and the fluorescent orange center allows you to identify target areas quickly.

Competitive Shooting: If you're a competitive shooter, the B27 Black Silhouette Target is an essential training tool. Its scoring zones enable you to monitor your performance and work on improving your accuracy.

Recreational Shooting: Even for casual shooters, this target adds an element of challenge and engagement to your shooting sessions. Whether you're at the range for leisure or honing your skills, the B27 target offers a versatile and enjoyable experience.

Training Scenarios

The B27 Black Silhouette Target is adaptable to a wide range of training scenarios:

Standard Shooting Drills: Use this target for standard marksmanship drills, focusing on accuracy, trigger control, and sight alignment.

Rapid Fire Exercises: Practice rapid fire and multiple target engagement, improving your speed and precision.

Tactical Drills: Simulate tactical scenarios by incorporating movement, cover, and decision-making into your training sessions.

Low-Light Shooting: Enhance your low-light shooting skills by using this target with reduced visibility.

Holster Draws and Reloads: Incorporate holster draws, magazine changes, and reloads into your practice routine, sharpening your practical shooting skills.

Team Training: Ideal for group training sessions, allowing multiple shooters to engage in realistic scenarios together.

The B27 Black Silhouette Target with Fluorescent Orange Center is a versatile, durable, and effective training tool for shooters of all levels and backgrounds. Its true-to-life silhouette design and vibrant center make it an invaluable asset for law enforcement, self-defense practitioners, competitive shooters, and recreational enthusiasts alike. With its robust construction and multiple scoring zones, this target provides countless opportunities to enhance your marksmanship skills and prepare for a variety of shooting scenarios.

Invest in the B27 Black Silhouette Target with Fluorescent Orange Center and elevate your shooting experience. Whether you're aiming for self-improvement, professional development, or competition success, this target is your trusted partner on the journey to marksmanship excellence. Discover the difference that precision, realism, and visibility can make in your training sessions. Experience the B27 Black Silhouette Target and unlock your full potential as a shooter. Elevate your skills, enhance your confidence, and achieve your shooting goals with this iconic target by your side.