Dot Torture with Fluorescent Orange Center Paper Target (25 Count) - Starting at $1.75/Target

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Sold by 25's. 

Qty. 1 = 25 targets.

Qty. 2-3 = 50-75 targets

Qty. 4-19 = 100-475 targets

Qty. 20-39 = 500-975 targets

Qty. 40 = 1,000+ targets

Standard Paper Target Specs:

Size: 23" x 35" 

Paper Weight: 50# offset white paper

Black outer ring, gray middle ring, orange bullseye. 

The Dot Torture with Fluorescent Orange Center Paper Target is a superior shooting target designed to cater to the needs of marksmen across various skill levels and disciplines. This target's unique and versatile features make it an exceptional choice for honing your shooting skills and maximizing your training sessions.

First and foremost, the target boasts generous dimensions, measuring an impressive 23 inches by 35 inches. The larger size offers a wide shooting area, accommodating various firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Whether you are training for self-defense, competitive shooting, or simply enjoying a day at the range, the ample canvas provided by this target ensures a comfortable and productive shooting experience. The substantial size of the target is especially beneficial for long-range shooting, where precision is of utmost importance.

The choice of paper weight is another key attribute that sets the Dot Torture target apart. Constructed from 50# offset white paper, this target strikes an ideal balance between durability and sensitivity. The 50# weight ensures that the target can withstand the rigors of outdoor shooting, resisting wind, moisture, and potential damage due to handling. This robust construction makes it suitable for extended use, allowing you to get more value out of each target sheet. Moreover, the white paper background enhances visibility and contrast, making it easier for shooters to track their shots and analyze their accuracy. This characteristic is especially valuable in training and competitive shooting scenarios, where precise feedback is essential for skill improvement.

The Dot Torture target offers a unique and challenging shooting experience with its multi-ring design. The outer ring, featured in bold black, serves as a clearly defined reference point, allowing shooters to gauge their accuracy and make necessary adjustments to their aim. The gray middle ring represents an intermediate level of precision, motivating shooters to enhance their skills further. The central focal point of this target is the fluorescent orange bullseye, a highly visible and vibrant contrast to the surrounding rings. The bright orange center not only makes it easy to identify and score shots but also encourages shooters to strive for the ultimate accuracy. The bullseye creates a visually stimulating element that enhances your shooting experience.

The Dot Torture target's multi-dot design offers a distinctive and effective training approach. It consists of a series of small, equally spaced dots within the orange bullseye. These dots serve various training purposes, including working on target transitions, trigger control, and sight alignment. Shooters can use the dots to refine their accuracy and consistency, focusing on one dot at a time or transitioning between them for more advanced training exercises.

The Dot Torture target's versatility extends beyond its design and size. It is well-suited for a wide range of shooting disciplines, including but not limited to:

  1. Handgun Shooting: Whether you are practicing for self-defense or competitive shooting, the Dot Torture target's large size and clearly defined rings provide an excellent platform for improving your handgun accuracy and speed.

  2. Rifle Shooting: From precision long-range shooting to rapid-fire drills, this target offers the contrast and clarity needed for rifles of various calibers.

  3. Shotgun Shooting: Whether you are participating in clay pigeon shooting or practical shooting sports, the Dot Torture target's bright bullseye and clear rings allow for quick and accurate target acquisition.

  4. Law Enforcement and Military Training: For professionals in the field, honing shooting skills is a matter of life and death. The Dot Torture target serves as a reliable tool for training law enforcement officers and military personnel.

  5. Recreational Shooting: Whether you're enjoying a day at the range with friends or teaching newcomers the art of shooting, this target adds an element of fun and challenge to your shooting sessions.

One of the significant advantages of the Dot Torture target is its cost-effectiveness. With its ample size, durable paper construction, and multi-dot design, it provides exceptional value for money. Whether you're a shooting range owner, a professional trainer, or an individual shooter, this target allows you to maximize your investment. The versatility of being able to use a single target for various shooting scenarios means that you'll need fewer targets, reducing your overall expenses.

Moreover, the Dot Torture target is environmentally responsible. The paper used in its construction is recyclable, allowing you to enjoy your shooting sessions while minimizing your impact on the environment. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the values of many shooters and is a crucial consideration in today's world.

The Dot Torture with Fluorescent Orange Center Paper Target is an exceptional choice for shooters seeking to enhance their marksmanship skills. With its impressive size, durable 50# offset white paper, and distinctive multi-dot design featuring black outer rings, gray middle rings, and a vibrant orange bullseye, it offers a superior platform for improving accuracy and precision. Whether you are training for competition, self-defense, or recreational shooting, this target will help you reach your shooting goals with confidence and success. Incorporate the Dot Torture target into your shooting routine and experience the difference it makes in your shooting performance.