Legion Cross Target Stand

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There could be a 3 to 5 week Lead time on this product. 

The Legion Cross Target Stand gets the job done and looks good doing it. Slide the two base plates together. Lock in your 1x2 or 2x2 with the wing bolt and you are DONE.

Mounting paper and cardboard targets downrange is no longer a chore with our new adjustable target stand. The space-saving design features a tool-free setup and stores flat giving you room in the trunk for items that matter more. Let's be honest, if you're reading this you have already thought more about a target setup rig than you ever have before in your life, and you've likely spent twice the time that it's worth. We agree, that's why we made it simple. 

If you train with firearms for a living, you know that bulkier target stands with awkward shapes, weldments, and nuts and bolts can make you regret the purchase. That's why we have done away with all of that and created perfect combination of simplicity and reliability.

This system is adjustable for targets from 6-24 inches wide and is light weight. The curved foot profile makes it great for uneven ground. Law Enforcement and Military ranges will appreciate how quickly this system deploys and how conveniently it stores. If you shoot USPSA, IPSC, IDPA or just like to have something on the range more reliable than the junk someone else left there, you'll enjoy having your own Legion Cross Target Stand.


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